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Bad Behavior

Thoughts As We Head Into Tax Season by Larry Stone In 1976, Harvard historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich wrote an article about pious and well-behaved colonial wives and daughters for an obscure academic journal. She observed that “Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History” without ever dreaming it would become a catchphrase, popularized on t-shirts, mugs, bumper stickers and websites. But women who demand the same respect that … Continue reading Bad Behavior

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Meet Laurie Benson

“There is an entire world waiting for you on the other side of fear.”  It’s been a winding road and a brave adventure for Laurie Benson up to this point, sitting next to the Arkansas River, over a steaming cup of coffee, telling me about the past 25 years.  The common vein rolling through all the changes- Perspective, passion, and a willingness to step out … Continue reading Meet Laurie Benson

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Self Care is Not Selfish

The Act of Self Care  We sat with Amy Beckett of Blue Sage Spa in Breckenridge, Colorado and discussed the “trend” or buzzword, Self Care. The concept is not new but its need in today’s society is huge. It can refer to taking moments at home to boost your health and well being but can extend to anything that allows you to relax and take … Continue reading Self Care is Not Selfish

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The Hot Tomato – “Who are these mountain bikers making this fancy pizza?”

This piece could be about Fruita- a town still finding its identity on the border of the dry desert and the tall mountains.  It could be about pizza- perfection that is consistent with old school New Jersey values. It could also be about mountain biking- sweet and flowy singletrack that is certainly one definition of bliss.  In actuality, all of these options are intertwined in … Continue reading The Hot Tomato – “Who are these mountain bikers making this fancy pizza?”

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Amy Purdy

“I always knew I wanted to live in the mountains, ever since I was young,” says Amy Purdy, on her choice to move her Adaptive Action Sports organization to Copper Mountain in 2011, the year snowboarding was first announced as an official Paralympic sport. “We kept finding ourselves coming out to Summit County multiple times every winter for competitions and just fell in love with … Continue reading Amy Purdy

New Zealand Travel Solved

Your life is busy. When it comes to planning a trip to New Zealand, it shouldn’t feel like a second job. New Zealand Travel Solved (NZTS) started as a way to help friends and family visit New Zealand, see the incredible sights and do the amazing activities, but also experience the local food and culture by staying one step beyond the tourist scene. Continue reading New Zealand Travel Solved

Rhonda Swenson – Krimson Klover’s tenacious founder

Meet Rhonda Swenson, a serial entrepreneur who has found her niche in the world of knit and has been passionately growing Krimson Klover, a woman’s high-quality sweater and apparel company here in Colorado’s mountain towns and beyond. Krimson Klover, a Female owned and operated company is obsessive about craftsmanship, quality, and merges a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.  Rhonda’s venture combines her lifelong love … Continue reading Rhonda Swenson – Krimson Klover’s tenacious founder


As we head into the colder months and Covid days at home we have 3 Books to consider reading, produced by some remarkable women living in and around our Mountain communities. Among the three suggestions is a read to boost your work and businesses, the second is inspirational to motivate you for days of adventure and travel and the third is to help you enjoy … Continue reading READS WE NEED

A Conversation With Annelise Loevlie of Icelantic Skis

From the Inaugural issue of Women Who Rock the Rockies in 2015. by Aaron Imber It’s easy to feel hopeless in our current economy. It seems like there are more PHD waitresses than ever. Yet the outdoor industry has a habit of fostering pockets of innovation and success.  Icelantic, a ski brand produced right here in Denver Colorado, is a shining example. Icelantic managed to … Continue reading A Conversation With Annelise Loevlie of Icelantic Skis

Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Explorer Chick provides a range of active adventure travels and tours for women of all ages and experience levels. Check off your travel bucket list, enjoy a weekend getaway, or try something new on a day trip near you.  From exciting itineraries with attention to the smallest detail to their supportive, adventure-loving community—they strive to make every Explorer Chick trip a positive and memorable experience. … Continue reading Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Well Fit Human Retreats

More than just a wellness retreat. The Well Fit Human experience is combining cultural immersion & humanitarian work to lifestyle design in a way that is inclusive for all. Together we are “Creating Positive Impact through Personal Growth.” Join us for a Personal Development & Humanitarian Travel experience. Continue reading Well Fit Human Retreats

Shredly – Fun, Pretty, Functional Bike and Outdoor Wear

From the Inaugural Edition of Women Who Rock the Rockies 2015. Since that time Shrewdly has grown. Here is what we had to say then. Satisfying a niche and fulfilling a demand is exactly what Shredly’s owner Ashley Rankin did after recognizing the lack of stylish, fun and feminine biking and sportswear for women. They say that black goes with everything but after a while … Continue reading Shredly – Fun, Pretty, Functional Bike and Outdoor Wear

Fannie Mae Duncan – A Colorado entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist

Jazz greats from all over the country travelled to Colorado Springs to play at the Cotton Club (1947 – 1975) at the invitation of Fannie Mae Duncan. She was a strong woman who took a stand to provide Colorado Springs with the first integrated night club. Recognized by the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame in 2012, Rocky Mountain PBS produced a documentary on her life. … Continue reading Fannie Mae Duncan – A Colorado entrepreneur, philanthropist and activist