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Meet Laurie Benson

“There is an entire world waiting for you on the other side of fear.”  It’s been a winding road and a brave adventure for Laurie Benson up to this point, sitting next to the Arkansas River, over a steaming cup of coffee, telling me about the past 25 years.  The common vein rolling through all the changes- Perspective, passion, and a willingness to step out … Continue reading Meet Laurie Benson

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The Hot Tomato – “Who are these mountain bikers making this fancy pizza?”

This piece could be about Fruita- a town still finding its identity on the border of the dry desert and the tall mountains.  It could be about pizza- perfection that is consistent with old school New Jersey values. It could also be about mountain biking- sweet and flowy singletrack that is certainly one definition of bliss.  In actuality, all of these options are intertwined in … Continue reading The Hot Tomato – “Who are these mountain bikers making this fancy pizza?”

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Amy Purdy

“I always knew I wanted to live in the mountains, ever since I was young,” says Amy Purdy, on her choice to move her Adaptive Action Sports organization to Copper Mountain in 2011, the year snowboarding was first announced as an official Paralympic sport. “We kept finding ourselves coming out to Summit County multiple times every winter for competitions and just fell in love with … Continue reading Amy Purdy

Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Explorer Chick provides a range of active adventure travels and tours for women of all ages and experience levels. Check off your travel bucket list, enjoy a weekend getaway, or try something new on a day trip near you. From exciting itineraries with attention to the smallest detail to their supportive, adventure-loving community—they strive to make every Explorer Chick trip a positive and memorable experience. … Continue reading Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Higgles Ice Cream

Higgles Ice Cream began as one woman-owned business in 2011, making small-batch ice cream in a shared commercial kitchen for farmers’ markets, summer events, independent grocers, and restaurants. I remember meeting Anna Higgens when she was first starting the creamery. She was renting space in Silverthorne, Colorado. Through a friend, she had invited me in to check out her startup’s new flavors. It was such … Continue reading Higgles Ice Cream

From the Summit of Aconcagua to the Next: Public Office – Meet Patricia Ackerman

‘From the Summit of Aconcagua to the Next: Public Office – Meet Patricia Ackerman’, is a story written by Alex Derr, a man with a passion for America’s mountains. Since a young age, he has been exploring the outdoors, and gaining an appreciation for the environment we all depend on. For Patricia, there was never a clear moment she decided to become a mountaineer. She … Continue reading From the Summit of Aconcagua to the Next: Public Office – Meet Patricia Ackerman


As outdoor-loving mountain women, we’ve all felt the growth that comes from pushing ourselves in the mountains.  It’s not always easy, it’s often scary and sometimes leaves you questioning why you’ve chosen this challenge of testing yourself against the elements.  The growth that comes from this way of life is priceless, and there’s nothing else like it. Kristen Van Norman knows and believes in the … Continue reading ElevateHER

Janie Hayes – On the Path of Passion

There are two kinds of people in this big, wide, beautiful world – the ones who take on a 4,300-mile bike race across America and don’t quit even when a pit bull bite in Kentucky leads to a subsequent rabies shot, and people who…don’t.  Janie Hayes jumped back on her bike to finish 3rd overall in her second Trans Am Bike Race in 2017, a … Continue reading Janie Hayes – On the Path of Passion

Mindfulness. Meditation. Mental Health. UB.U

These are big buzz words being heard in the media lately and if there is anything good the media can produce it is bringing light to these ideas in a positive way. There is a group in the Vail Valley who are passionate about bringing the concept of Mindfulness to the classroom and have come together, forming UB.U, to bring these concepts to life as tools … Continue reading Mindfulness. Meditation. Mental Health. UB.U