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Amy Purdy

“I always knew I wanted to live in the mountains, ever since I was young,” says Amy Purdy, on her choice to move her Adaptive Action Sports organization to Copper Mountain in 2011, the year snowboarding was first announced as an official Paralympic sport. “We kept finding ourselves coming out to Summit County multiple times every winter for competitions and just fell in love with … Continue reading Amy Purdy


As outdoor-loving mountain women, we’ve all felt the growth that comes from pushing ourselves in the mountains.  It’s not always easy, it’s often scary and sometimes leaves you questioning why you’ve chosen this challenge of testing yourself against the elements.  The growth that comes from this way of life is priceless, and there’s nothing else like it. Kristen Van Norman knows and believes in the … Continue reading ElevateHER

Janie Hayes – On the Path of Passion

There are two kinds of people in this big, wide, beautiful world – the ones who take on a 4,300-mile bike race across America and don’t quit even when a pit bull bite in Kentucky leads to a subsequent rabies shot, and people who…don’t.  Janie Hayes jumped back on her bike to finish 3rd overall in her second Trans Am Bike Race in 2017, a … Continue reading Janie Hayes – On the Path of Passion

Mindfulness. Meditation. Mental Health. UB.U

These are big buzz words being heard in the media lately and if there is anything good the media can produce it is bringing light to these ideas in a positive way. There is a group in the Vail Valley who are passionate about bringing the concept of Mindfulness to the classroom and have come together, forming UB.U, to bring these concepts to life as tools … Continue reading Mindfulness. Meditation. Mental Health. UB.U

A Girls Golden Getaway

Welcome to Golden, Colorado! If you live up in the mountains you know the transition between Fall to Winter can create a bit of cabin fever. It’s snowing but the coverage is just not enough to really be able to get out and take some turns or hit the Nordic areas either. We have a wonderful suggestion. Grab your girlfriends and head to Golden. This … Continue reading A Girls Golden Getaway

Jelt Belt – You will feel good about this belt every time you put it on

We are raving over a belt we recently discovered that is simple, functional and just might become the belt you reach for on a daily basis. Jelt Belt is the brainchild of Bozeman, Montana native Jen Perry. She wanted to invent something that anyone can wear, with fashion in mind, while creating jobs and empowering underserved women in her state. The belt and packaging is … Continue reading Jelt Belt – You will feel good about this belt every time you put it on

The (insert your name here) Diet

“The thing I struggle with the most is, what should I eat? It seems fairly simple but the more I research the more confused I get!” by Uri Carlson  If you’re nodding your head in agreement, keep reading.  I pulled this quote from an email just last week. As a dietitian/nutritionist, this is by far one of the most common challenges I hear about.  Thanks … Continue reading The (insert your name here) Diet

3 Powerful Questions to Identify Your Strengths

I cannot see the forest because the trees are in the way! At times we are so bogged down by the details that are in front of us each day that we miss the big picture: Especially when it comes to our own successes and failures. It can skew our perception of ourselves and what we are good at doing. After thinking about our failures … Continue reading 3 Powerful Questions to Identify Your Strengths

Helping Veterans Discover the Healing Power of Yoga: Ashley “Goose” Cameron

Ashley Goose Cameron, a 5th Annual Women Who Rock the Rockies Recipient was recognized and nominated by individuals from her community. by Kristen Lummis At three years old, Ashley Cameron stood up to a goose. Although it was taller than her, she stood her ground, refusing to let the bigger bird intimidate her or the ducks that she was feeding. It was her first brush … Continue reading Helping Veterans Discover the Healing Power of Yoga: Ashley “Goose” Cameron

Hannah Hopkins – A Dedicated Culinarian

You know when someone is passionate about what they do. They tend to have a lightness about them and exude a joyful enthusiasm that is contagious. Hannah Hopkins is that effervescent entrepreneur. She is the Chef/Owner and Operations Manager of both Bésame and Mambo Italiano restaurants in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I had the opportunity to meet with Hannah recently to discuss her success in Steamboat … Continue reading Hannah Hopkins – A Dedicated Culinarian