VNTR Birds

VNTRbirds (aka Venture Birds) is a women-run outdoor education company for all women to get into the outdoors with proper knowledge, confidence and self-reliance. They host mountain bike clinics, backcountry courses, and maintenance workshops for women from novice to advanced. These experiences bring more women into the outdoors by creating a safer space for learning and creates an even bigger community. Knowing that getting into … Continue reading VNTR Birds

Cirque Series Inspiration – Prepping to Power Up

Yesterday I had some Monday morning MOTIVATION! I have been looking for something to propel my fitness to the next level and I have needed a goal. Something I can measure and work towards. I am a relatively fit 53-year-old woman who has been on the go tending to the business of Mountain Town Magazine, my family and all the additional madness life throws at … Continue reading Cirque Series Inspiration – Prepping to Power Up

Buena Vista Backcountry Day

Haven’t had a chance to try snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or fat biking this past winter? How about Backcountry skiing? Would you like to experience some of Buena Vista’s incredible trails and scenery? Then head to BV on Saturday, March 18th for The Trailhead and Buena Vista Mountain Adventures Buena Vista Backcountry Experience Day. Test out a variety of winter sports with the latest gear on … Continue reading Buena Vista Backcountry Day