As outdoor-loving mountain women, we’ve all felt the growth that comes from pushing ourselves in the mountains.  It’s not always easy, it’s often scary and sometimes leaves you questioning why you’ve chosen this challenge of testing yourself against the elements.  The growth that comes from this way of life is priceless, and there’s nothing else like it. Kristen Van Norman knows and believes in the … Continue reading ElevateHER

Mindfulness. Meditation. Mental Health. UB.U

These are big buzz words being heard in the media lately and if there is anything good the media can produce it is bringing light to these ideas in a positive way. There is a group in the Vail Valley who are passionate about bringing the concept of Mindfulness to the classroom and have come together, forming UB.U, to bring these concepts to life as tools … Continue reading Mindfulness. Meditation. Mental Health. UB.U

Kayce Anderson – For the Good Period

Photos and Story by Kate Lapides A Pad That Might Change the World For most of her professional life, Glenwood Spring’s Kayce Anderson, Ph.D., was an ecologist happily immersed in scientific research in South America. She spent a third of each year hitchhiking through the mountains of Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela, camping out in tiny Quechan villages at 14,000 feet for weeks at a time … Continue reading Kayce Anderson – For the Good Period

Hope for Haiti – A Healing Touch

One of Meta Yoga own teachers, Emily Steingart, was able to go to Haiti in April to assist with the program YogaHOPE; teaching yoga to those who have been living without – on a broad scale – these past few years, and for many, much of their lives. These are Emily’s words (though her initial note below really brings us the real message). Donated mats from … Continue reading Hope for Haiti – A Healing Touch