Envisioning a Growth Mindset

by Amy Schweim of Women’s Radical Pursuits This article appeared in Issue 6 of Mountain Women Magazine Have you ever been on a ride or hiking with a group of friends and found yourself at the back of the pack suffering, struggling, and beating yourself up the whole time because your mind was telling you how much you suck?! Or maybe you don’t even go … Continue reading Envisioning a Growth Mindset

A Journey of Luxury and Inclusion from the Mountains to the Sea

Feeling comfortable, welcomed and valued traveling from Colorado’s mountains to the Florida Keys by Alexandria Nicole There’s a beautiful place where people, from all over the world, come to enjoy warm weather, frozen mixed drinks, and heavenly turquoise waters surrounded by miles of white sand beaches. This beautiful place is an island that was once referred to as Cayo Hueso by Spanish settlers. The original … Continue reading A Journey of Luxury and Inclusion from the Mountains to the Sea

New Zealand Travel Solved

Your life is busy. When it comes to planning a trip to New Zealand, it shouldn’t feel like a second job. New Zealand Travel Solved (NZTS) started as a way to help friends and family visit New Zealand, see the incredible sights and do the amazing activities, but also experience the local food and culture by staying one step beyond the tourist scene. http://www.newzealandtravelsolved.com Continue reading New Zealand Travel Solved

Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Explorer Chick provides a range of active adventure travels and tours for women of all ages and experience levels. Check off your travel bucket list, enjoy a weekend getaway, or try something new on a day trip near you.  From exciting itineraries with attention to the smallest detail to their supportive, adventure-loving community—they strive to make every Explorer Chick trip a positive and memorable experience. … Continue reading Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Well Fit Human Retreats

More than just a wellness retreat. The Well Fit Human experience is combining cultural immersion & humanitarian work to lifestyle design in a way that is inclusive for all. Together we are “Creating Positive Impact through Personal Growth.” Join us for a Personal Development & Humanitarian Travel experience. http://www.wellfithuman.com Continue reading Well Fit Human Retreats