This site is here to celebrate the diverse groups of women living and loving every minute of our lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and beyond. We are here to share our stories with you.



mt-hood-k1Kristen Lummis is the Owner/Editor of Brave Ski Mom.  She believes all moms are brave. For that matter, all parents are brave. The kids who end up in our families are also brave. Living life with other people takes bravery (and compassion…tolerance…love…). That said, ski moms are especially brave. Ski moms start out as moms. We give birth to our children, we bring them into our homes, we don’t take a formal vow as in a marriage, but we take mental vows that are almost as strong and solemn. We are there for our children for better or worse and until death do us part. We strive to nurture our children, to enrich their lives and to protect them. In addition to blogging here at Mtn Women, she enjoys writing for other blogs and magazines. Kristen is a regular contributor to blogs such as New West Snow Blog, Club Colorado (Colorado Ski Country USA), and Mile High Mamas. Kristen is a member of the North American Snowsports Journalist Association. BraveSkiMom.com



Courtney Kenady

Courtney Kenady headed west after graduating and never looked back. She found herself in California, Lake Tahoe, Nevada and then, on a whim and at her brother’s urging, ended up in Breckenridge, Colorado for the ski season.  It didn’t take long for Courtney to realize the mountains felt like home.  A love for road running, rafting and snowboarding soon evolved into other sports like cross-country skiing, trail running and most recently, mountain biking.   As her love of the trails evolved, so did her realization that the Breck trail network with town access was unique and unprecedented.   And the idea of Bikenridge.com was born. Bikenridge.com is the brainchild of climbbetty.com


Steller Ltd

Linda Rokos WattsMeet Linda Rokos Watts, she started Steller LTD, a women’s performance wear fashion company in 2014. As a family member of lifelong skiers, believing from experience, that performance and fashion not only can go together but should go together, her products are designed to enhance your experience whether you’re a park lever, deep powder hound, cliff dropper, recreational groomer, beginner, world-class racer, big mountain killer, outdoor entering badass, nordic speed demon, apres expert or all of the above!

Linda is a Czech national and US citizen, former ski racer and coach, current ski racing mom, seamstress, and perpetual motion machine. She lives in the high alpine town of Breckenridge, Colorado where she produces all of her products, alongside her daughter’s, doggies, and husband.

She is an incredible photographer who has assisted the growth of Mountain Town Magazine and plays a large part in Mountain Women Magazine. www.stellerltd.com



P7100044 (2)

Born in Denver and raised in Mississippi, Joy Elizabeth Martin considers the mountains home and Durango, Colorado, basecamp. She earned a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Montana in Rural and Environmental Change (with an emphasis on Mountain Tourism and Adventure Travel in Kyrgyzstan). From toasting marshmallows over lava flows in Guatemala to placing first-place as a non-Malaysian woman at the 2012 Borneo International Marathon, Joy’s lived, worked and played in over 50 countries. She’s also guided backpack trips and soft adventures through the national parks of the Southwest since 2010.

These motley experiences have provided her with resourcefulness, adaptability, and a couple of lifetimes worth of stories. A freelance writer since 2013, Joy’s work appears on travel blogs and websites, and in high-altitude newspapers and magazines across the West. These days, she fancies exploring the San Juan Mountains by bike or skis with the man of her dreams, Nick Martin. Never short of inspiration or curiosity, Joy’s greatest stress is that she can’t do all the things all the time. To calm this overwhelming sense of FOMO, her days are typically capped off yoga, whiskey or a soak in the hot tub. www.joydotdot.com


The Buena Viking

Anna Sitton is a Buena Vista resident, owns The Buena Viking (the most delicious food truck, ever, located next to the Deerhammer in BV), has been/is a teacher and also works in the Oil & Gas Industry. Anna writes amazing stories about the community that surrounds her and also sells promotional opportunities in MTN Town for Leadville, Buena Vista, Salida, Gunnison, and Crested Butte. When she isn’t crafting delicious cuisine or wordsmithing an article you can find her paddling the Arkansas River or touring the world’s backcountry.



Mountain Town Magazine 

Holly Battista-ResignoloHolly Battista-Resignolo, Creative Energy Operator of Mountain Town Magazine and Mountain Women is an accomplished, results-driven professional with 25 years of ski industry and Colorado mountain town related knowledge. Twelve years of her professional career has been spent in the field of print and television production. Ten years of conference, wedding, and special event planning perfected her organization skills and knowledge of the hospitality industry. She has spent 29 years living in Breckenridge, Colorado. Passionate about all things outdoors, her family, friends, and home, Holly’s love for our Colorado Mountain Towns, its people and lifestyle is reflected in her writing and coverage of all the great things happening in the mountains today at MTNTownMagazine.com

If you would like more information on Mountain Women Magazine please contact us at: mtnwomenmagazine@gmail.com

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