Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Explorer Chick provides a range of active adventure travels and tours for women of all ages and experience levels. Check off your travel bucket list, enjoy a weekend getaway, or try something new on a day trip near you.  From exciting itineraries with attention to the smallest detail to their supportive, adventure-loving community—they strive to make every Explorer Chick trip a positive and memorable experience. … Continue reading Explorer Chick Adventure Company

Well Fit Human Retreats

More than just a wellness retreat. The Well Fit Human experience is combining cultural immersion & humanitarian work to lifestyle design in a way that is inclusive for all. Together we are “Creating Positive Impact through Personal Growth.” Join us for a Personal Development & Humanitarian Travel experience. http://www.wellfithuman.com Continue reading Well Fit Human Retreats

A Girls Golden Getaway

Welcome to Golden, Colorado! If you live up in the mountains you know the transition between Fall to Winter can create a bit of cabin fever. It’s snowing but the coverage is just not enough to really be able to get out and take some turns or hit the Nordic areas either. We have a wonderful suggestion. Grab your girlfriends and head to Golden. This … Continue reading A Girls Golden Getaway

Ski and Golf – Gypsum Creek Golf Course

Golf is played in some of the most incredible settings in the world. Part of its allure is the sheer beauty of the experience. The time spent with friends in an outdoor wonderland is priceless.   Nowhere is that more obvious than here in Colorado. We are blessed with some of the finest golf in the world right outside of our back door. Cool nights, … Continue reading Ski and Golf – Gypsum Creek Golf Course

Crested Butte Spring Escape

There is no shortage of snow at Crested Butte Mountain Resort as the final few weeks of the ski season come into focus. The resort has received over 300 inches of snow this winter and is 100% open with outstanding conditions. As recreationalists search for their last turns of the winter season, there are plenty of reasons to make a trip to Crested Butte. To … Continue reading Crested Butte Spring Escape

Relax in Style and Hike Like a Madwoman – Phoenix, Arizona

  BraveSkiMom.com – As a child, we often took our Spring Breaks in the Valley of the Sun, precisely because it was the Valley of the Sun and it was hot. After a cold snowy winter, escaping to the resorts of Phoenix and Scottsdale offered a quick preview of summer and a welcome respite from hats, gloves and heavy coats. What did we do? We … Continue reading Relax in Style and Hike Like a Madwoman – Phoenix, Arizona

The Telluride Yoga Festival – A Unique Summertime Event

Founded in 2007, the Telluride Yoga Festival 2014 is an intimate yoga retreat held in the spiritual mountain setting of Telluride, Colorado. The former mining town lies in a box canyon, surrounded on all three sides by 14,000-foot peaks. This ideal setting includes an incredible line up of classes taught by world-renowned instructors in intimate venues in both Telluride and Mountain Village.  The Telluride Yoga Festival is … Continue reading The Telluride Yoga Festival – A Unique Summertime Event

Support Your Outdoor Blogging Moms

Skiing moms, biking moms, climbing moms, hiking moms. Camping moms, playing moms, glamping moms, mountain  moms. No matter what outdoor passion your family pursues, there’s a mom writing about it, offering expert advice, hard-learned lessons, gear reviews and giveaways, too.   Wondering how to take an infant camping? What a toddler should wear to go kayaking? Or how to get a teenager re-excited about family … Continue reading Support Your Outdoor Blogging Moms

Down & Dirty with Merrell’s National Mud Run – I’m In!

I was recently invited to participate in the Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud Run & Obstacle Series Denver race. I had to give it a little thought. A mud event…. I have seen pics and heard some really fun stories. I am in pretty decent shape but I am not a runner, I am a biker so that was one mark against this event. … Continue reading Down & Dirty with Merrell’s National Mud Run – I’m In!