VNTR Birds

VNTRbirds (aka Venture Birds) is a women-run outdoor education company for all women to get into the outdoors with proper knowledge, confidence and self-reliance. They host mountain bike clinics, backcountry courses, and maintenance workshops for women from novice to advanced. These experiences bring more women into the outdoors by creating a safer space for learning and creates an even bigger community.

Knowing that getting into the outdoors can be a financial burden, all women who sign up for a VNTRbirds course receive an automatic $25 off from the VNTRbirds scholarship funds, making it more affordable and therefore more inclusive. VNTRbirds also has three other scholarships women can apply for:

Mentorship: We’re assisting women to become backcountry guides. Apply for our mentorship program and gain a backcountry mentor and shadow VNTRbirds courses for free before receiving a stipend to earn your Wilderness First Responder or Pro Level One course. Open for all women.

Continuing Education: Apply and receive a free VNTRbirds Backcountry Basics or Intermediate Tour and then receive a stipend for either your AIARE 1 or AIARE 2 course to continue your education in the backcountry. Open for all women.

BIPOC: Apply and receive a free VNTRbirds Backcountry Basics course or Intermediate Tour to begin your journey into the backcountry! Reserved for Black, Indiginous, Women of Color.

To learn about al of their events head to this link:

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