Cirque Series Inspiration – Prepping to Power Up

Yesterday I had some Monday morning MOTIVATION! I have been looking for something to propel my fitness to the next level and I have needed a goal. Something I can measure and work towards. I am a relatively fit 53-year-old woman who has been on the go tending to the business of Mountain Town Magazine, my family and all the additional madness life throws at me.

Getting out has always been a priority but like many of us, the needs of our kids, spouses, business and the unexpected has provided consistent interruption. I have been more mindful about fitting my health into the daily schedule getting out hiking, biking and paddling each day. I feel good and have been looking for something more to help keep me motivated. I just couldn’t figure out what it was until a friend contacted me about running some editorial on the Cirque Series presented by Black Diamond & On Running. I sat down and looked it over.

The Cirque Series is a Premier Mountain Running Event held at alpine locations throughout the United States. The first Cirque Series race was held this past June 29th at Brighton in Utah and will continue through September. Next on their list of locations is Alta, Utah July 13, Alyeska, Alaska July 27, Arapahoe Basin, Colorado August 10, Sun Valley, Idaho August 24 and Snowbird, Utah September 7.

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The Cirque Series website describes their events as a mountain race “redefining what mountain running is all about, starting from the base of a world-famous Ski Resort you’ll rally up windswept ridges and glacial cirques to towering peaks, power down a quad-burning descent and break the tape into a festival of live music, food, drink and vendor tents. The elevation is serious but the mileage is manageable and the race is as hardcore as you want it to be. Beat the pros down to earn legend status and cash prizes or enjoy the views and let the challenge be its own reward.”

I was intrigued. But first, I am going to be a bit honest here. I am not much of a runner these days. After having three kids my bladder forces me into the bushes every half a mile or so.  Swimming has never been my forte and I used to love racing mountain bikes in local comps but a herniated disc has kept me to long leisurely rides instead. The flare-ups suck and can take me down for weeks. But I still want to test myself, I still love to compete and I think this might be something I can handle.

These races are designed for folks as young as 8 and as old as, well as young and as badass as you feel. The oldest racer who recently completed one of their races last year was 82.

Powering up a mountain, the Cirque Series may just suit me to a tee, I live at 10,00 feet and I a surrounded by Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. There is plenty of training ground around so I am signing up and giving it a go! I don’t need to be first, I’ll even be happy (enough) if I am last. I just want the challenge and the camaraderie that comes with a good day out pushing your limits.

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 1.12.27 PM

It’s game on. I have thirty-two days to take my fitness to “competition” level and I feel good enough to say that I can achieve this. How about you? Head to their website and register if this sounds fun or the motivation you need. I am going to go for it. If you would like to give it a try or see how I meet my challenge then stay tuned, I am going to continue updating with a blog on my progress.

If your feeling inspired then I say go choose your favorite mountain and register: Cirque Series presented by Black Diamond & On Running is going to be great!

by Holly Battista-Resignolo, Publisher

Mountain Women Magazine

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