Gear Checking: Vibram FiveFingers Spyridon

Hiking in FiveFingers. It was something that up until recently I could never imagine. I had run, walked, worked, paddleboarded, and kayaked in various pairs. When I got my pair of Spyridons in the Spring I started to feel I could do more in them. Of course I couldn’t do more at first because I got them right after my shoulder surgery. I could only walk. I was supposed to stay on the road because I was in my shoulder immobilizer but I really wanted to see how these trail specific FiveFingers would feel off road. While walking alone near my aunt and uncle’s house I decided to go off road on some of the trails by my old high school. This is when I started to think that perhaps I could do some hiking in the White Mountains with them. Thinking was really all I could do until I got the ok from the doctor to really hit the trails.

What convinced me to finally try hiking in my FiveFingers is the aggressive, multidirectional tread found on the Spyridons. It is this outsole that sets the Spyridon apart from the other FiveFingers models. I felt more comfortable hitting the trail that would include grassy ski slopes, old logging roads, and pine needle covered single track. Another benefit of the Spyridon for going off road is the molded nylon mesh “rock block” that is part of the midsole. When you are walking or running along and step on a rock …to continue reading click here.

~Amy Parulis

A former captain of the University of North Carolina track team, Amy now looks for her next mountain to climb or mud run to take part in to keep in shape. Her favorite hike was to the crater rim of Mt. St. Helens where she witnessed a steaming lava dome and she some day hopes to summit Mt. Rainier. In the meantime she can be found helping customers at the Waterford EMS. You can follow her adventures on Twitter @amyparulis

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