4 Ways to Boost Metabolism

A slowing metabolism is a natural part of aging. Most of us are not thrilled about this part of getting older; the idea of carrying around extra pounds is generally unwelcome.  Though your first response to a slowing metabolism might be to reduce your calorie intake or extend your workouts I highly recommend that you take a moment to consider that this may not be the best solution. Eating less and spending more hours at the gym may not be the most enjoyable or the more effective way to deal with a dropping metabolism!  Instead, why not try these simple tricks to give your metabolism a gentle (and natural!) boost.

1) Eat whole foods that support your thyroid. A happy thyroid means a healthy metabolism. By keeping your thyroid healthy you can support a strong metabolic rate and keep your body at a healthy weight. Whole foods containing iodine such as seaweed, seafood, and strawberries are key players in keeping your thyroid healthy and your metabolism high.  A small amount of iodine daily can do wonders for your metabolism.  Don’t over do it though, a tiny amount is plenty; too much iodine can be harmful.

2) Add some light weights and strength training to your workout. Just one day a week of doing a series of gentle toning exercises with 2 – 3 lbs weights can do wonders for your metabolism. To give your metabolism a boost you don’t need to lift heavy weights that build muscle, instead focus on using light weights that tone your muscles. Toning works your muscles gently, giving your metabolism a boost and helping you burn those pesky pounds! You can even try adding some light weights to your yoga routine . . . yoga sculpt classes are becoming more and more popular.

3) Move your body in new ways!  When you repeat the same activity over and over again your body may fall into a bit of a metabolic rut. When you jog at the same pace, walk the same route etc. your body becomes too familiar with the repetetive motion. Instead, why not gently push your body out of its comfort zone with new and dynamic movement that targets a variety of muscle groups and stimulates your metabolism.   Try running a bit faster, bike a hilly route or try a new sport!

3) Don’t starve yourself! Severely restricting your caloric consumption can actually decrease your metabolic rate.   Consuming too few calories will prompt your body to go into “starvation mode”, which means that it will store calories. Ideally, you want to keep your body nutritionally satisfied with an array of quality foods. important to find the ratio of healthy fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates that work best for your unique body. Find your personal balance and you’ll keep your metabolism happily humming along. Eating at regular intervals can also keep your metabolism humming right along.

~Jungle Girl Health, META Yoga Studios

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