Be a member of the Mountain Women Tribe – Look and feel your best!

Being a member of the tribe includes loving the outdoors. Our tribe is on the go all the time living and loving the active lifestyle. That means we are exposed to the elements on a regular basis. Weather for work or play, we do believe beauty on the inside is just a important as on the outside.

Here are some tips to keep your outside just a beautiful as your inside:

Hydrate! Yes – drink TONS of water. Its a know fact that water is essential to beautiful skin.

Choose healthy and eco friendly sunscreens, bug sprays, and in general products free from parabens and other toxic chemical. These do absorb into the skin!

Take a personal spa day! Even if you cannot afford the real deal, turn your bathroom into a personal spa. Close the door and give yourself a pedicure with eco friendly nail polish, such as Keeki Pure and Simple. A facial is perfect for removing wind blown over exposed skin. I love the products by Lovely Lady Products. Here I am using her mask to refresh.

I am a coffee freak and prefer to drink organic coffees and eat all organic vegetables. Living on a tight budget sometimes can be tough, so I buy fruits and veggies that are organic and try to stay away from packaged foods which, although are cheaper, in the long run are not healthy. I shop local and one of my favorite stores in Healthy Solutions in Steamboat Springs.

And remember that what you wear can also make a big difference to how you feel. Choose clothing that is made from certified organic cotton or hemp and look for companies that manufacture with eco friendly and sustainable practices, such as Krimson Klover.

Being a member of the tribe is not hard and every member is beautiful!

~Nancy Kenney

Green Girl Around Town

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