Rhonda Swenson – Krimson Klover’s tenacious founder

Meet Rhonda Swenson, a serial entrepreneur who has found her niche in the world of knit and has been passionately growing Krimson Klover, a woman’s high-quality sweater and apparel company here in Colorado’s mountain towns and beyond. Krimson Klover, a Female owned and operated company is obsessive about craftsmanship, quality, and merges a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. 

Rhonda’s venture combines her lifelong love affair with knitting. She learned to knit garments at a young age and literally fell into the textile business while working as a stewardess in her twenties. It was there that she met a woman who owned a boutique sweater company and began working with her and helping oversee sweater production in South America. Soon enough Swenson was designing sweaters and eventually bought the company.

Originally from Austin, Swenson is a passionate traveler and outdoor athlete, who believes she inherited her wanderlust from her mother and her ability to embrace life in the moment from her father. She put her Texas work ethic to work and after nearly three decades in the sweater business (and several previous brands, including Chompas, Eir Sports, and Nevé), Swenson launched Krimson Klover in 2010.

The predominantly female team works with several female-owned manufacturing facilities in Asia. “We love to work with women,” she said. “These women in China are total powerhouses, they’re just amazing. And they align with our ethos.” Many of the selected fabrics feature custom hand-painted designs and yarns that are sourced from partners that respect their animals, employees, and the environment. “In sourcing our natural-fiber yarns and fabrics, we make a point of finding materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible,” said Swenson.

Krimson Klover wool comes from free-ranging sheep raised on low-intensity farms, and products are manufactured in clean facilities that use recycled water and eco-friendly dyes. “Sustainability is an ongoing process and a big priority for us,” Swenson said. Rhonda travels extensively visiting each manufacturer and Rhonda Swenson attributes Krimson Klover’s growing success to the clothing’s chic yet wearable designs. “I’ve always loved textiles and creating pattern and color. That’s definitely what sets us apart,” she said. The garments’ designs are inspired by Swenson’s extensive travels as well as by the passionate, adventurous women who wear them.

Beyond business, Rhonda gives back to her communities including volunteer work at the local Eagle County Habitat for Humanity in Vail, CO and collaborating with nonprofit First Descents, which supports young adult cancer patients and survivors through outdoor experiences. She co-founded the Luna Women’s MTB Ambassadors team and serves on the board of the Ski Industry Association (SIA.) Not to mention, she’s a retired competitive cyclist. As a result, her designs for Krimson Klover reflect that easy-going, adventurous outlook. “Our clothes look great and make you feel one of a kind, with little worry about what you’re wearing. Which leaves more time for hiking, skiing, and traveling,” she said. “People need to get out and live life.”

This year’s winter mountain adventure apparel collection reflects a renewed commitment to outdoor summer and winter sport apparel, including bathing suits, adorable base layers, flattering sweaters, dresses, leggings, skirts, scarves, and socks all made from high end and luxury fibers such as cashmere and ultra-fine Merino, a must for all of us who live at altitude.


by Holly GoSpritely

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