As we head into the colder months and Covid days at home we have 3 Books to consider reading, produced by some remarkable women living in and around our Mountain communities. Among the three suggestions is a read to boost your work and businesses, the second is inspirational to motivate you for days of adventure and travel and the third is to help you enjoy home life, friends, family and the holiday season.

These will make great gifts for the coming holidays or for your own collection. Be sure to look into local book stores to place an order.

Puffer Fish Effect

Susan Frew reveals the inside secrets on how she grew a small company by over 500 percent and how you can too. Puffer Fish Effect discusses how you can be a pufferfish in your community and turn your business into a roaring success. In case you weren’t aware, the pufferfish is an ocean going fish that naturally makes itself appear bigger than it actually is, thus giving it a bigger presence in the ocean. Susan Frew wants to help you apply that same concept to your business through a laser-focused strategy for everything from your business plan to your marketing. By making your presence bigger, stronger, and more well-known, you’ll not only claim a bigger stake in the market and turn your business into a success, but even overcome some of the massive obstacles facing your business today. Pufferfish Effect is a how-to-guide on modern marketing, customer service excellence; and the methods companies must follow to appear huge, even with a small budget.

Discover real strategies and real stories on how to grow your small business.

She Explores

She Explores is a collection of first-person stories, photographs, and artwork from women who are inspired by adventure found in the outdoors and who inspire the author.

Almost five years after starting, Gale Straub, founder of and host of She Explores podcast was thrilled to hold the 200 pages of She Explores in her hands . Within its covers are the first-person stories of 40 women (outdoor advocates, enthusiasts, nomads, transplants, professionals, and creatives) complemented by their photographs and artwork. The book shares their accomplishments and fears. It highlights mental health, motherhood, conservation, diversity, equity and inclusion, on-the-road travel and more. While each woman has a distinct and personal story, there are also undeniable overlaps in the messaging. It is a beautiful page turner where you can learn from others and discover what we have in common.

Ski Town Après

The Ski Town Après Ski cookbook, by Jennie Iverson, showcases a blended passion for unique appetizers, handcrafted cocktails, skiing and traveling. This is a must-have souvenir for mountain enthusiasts features Lindsey Vonn’s favorite Après cocktail and dish. Like Ski Town Soups (the first cookbook in the Ski Town Group offering), Ski Town Après Ski is a beautiful, colorful rendition of over 60 North American world-class ski resorts, fun-loving restaurants, gourmet appetizers and revitalizing cocktails. Enjoy this cookbook filled with tantalizing small plates paired with distinctive libations that you can enjoy throughout the ski season, as well into the rest of the year. We have heard about Jennie’s new Brunch book and look forward to digging into that soon!

Books, the perfect way to disconnect. Do you have a book review or plan to release a book of your own? Let us know! Stay in touch with our website as we continue to build our company and community

by Holly GoSpritely

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