The Osprey Fairview 55 Travel Pack – A Top Notch Pack to Discover the World

by Noelle Resignolo

Packing for an adventure can be stressful, creating checklists and preparing what gear will best fit your journey can heavily impact your experience. My latest travel was a postgrad two-month backpacking trip through Europe and Iceland. Preparing for a two-month backpacking trip in a foreign country was stressful and I wanted to have the appropriate gear. How I was carrying my load and the structural support for the weight was considerably more important than any outfit I would want to wear. After returning from my trip there are two products that I would invest in time and time again for assured success. 

Finding a backpack that checks off every category can be a tricky process and often depends on the individual’s needs.  I needed a pack that met carry-on requirements and fit snugly to the body. As a small-framed woman, finding a backpack that was designed for my body is crucial. I was given the recommendation to try the Osprey Fairview 55 Travel Pack. My partner received the same advice and procured the same pack in the male version.

The Osprey Fairview 55 Travel Pack is more than just a backpack, it’s two packs in one. The backpack is designed to provide a 15 L removable day pack that zips on and zips off the larger pack. The addition is easily connected with a thick zipper and could be sinched down to downsize in a pinch.

The smaller 15 Liter pack has one large section with a laptop nook and a small pocket where I stored sunglasses, power banks, snacks, and anything I needed easy access to. The smaller pack was slim enough for walking around cities, hikes, and running. The straps of the pack sat comfortably on my hips and had a secondary strap across the chest for traditional weight distribution. 

I often wore the day pack on the front of my chest to carry personal items and stored my 40 Liter pack in the overhead cabin while in transit on planes and trains. Anyone who has traveled with a backpack as a carry-on knows the struggle of shoving loose straps into the compartment only for a strand to fall loose and get shut in the door. Traveling is stressful enough and Osprey sought a solution. The backpack can transform into a duffle bag by unrolling a flap that is tucked into a small slot at the base of the pack and zipping it. No more loose straps.

The 40 Liter pack has one large compartment that I filled with Osprey Packing Cubes which made organization effortless. I separated my gear in these cubes by clothing type. I was extremely grateful to have these cubes as they made my travels so much easier.

I often met fellow travelers with an identical bag that raved about its versatility and structural support. It appeared there was an Osprey Packs community at every turn, ecstatic about their purchase. The one thing most travelers I met agreed on is to bring a slim water bottle to better fit the pack.

After returning from my 8-week trip abroad I can confidently say this is a pack and a brand that I would invest in time and time again for assured travel success. For more information on the Osprey Fairview 55 Travel Pack and Osprey Packs head to their website:

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