Tecnica Magma Mid S GTX – Great Gear to Get

Packing for an adventure can be stressful, creating checklists and preparing what gear will best fit your journey can heavily impact your experience. My most recent travel was my most extensive yet with a postgrad two-month backpacking trip through Europe and Iceland for studies and leisure.

Preparing for a two-month backpacking trip in a foreign country was stressful and I wanted to have the appropriate gear.

Having the correct shoes for any experience is vital. When walking 15-20 miles a day, a shoe can make or break your body. I was seeking a lightweight hiking boot that provided reinforced ankle support while looking relatively sleek and fashionable. I tried on nearly forty boots from every brand and felt disappointed in their weight, breathability, and appearance. Nearly a week before my trip I had the opportunity to test out Tecnica Footwear’s – Tecnica Magma Mid S GTX hiking boots. It was love at first wear.

I felt a bit leery that I hadn’t broken in the boots before the trip, which any backpacker knows could indicate a painful first week. However, I had nearly zero blisters from the start so it is easy to say breaking this boot in is a relieving breath of fresh air. 

The boot hugs the ankle while still providing room for movement. The Tecnica Magma Mid S GTX is crafted for cross terrain; I felt confident traversing steep cliffs in Austria, slick hillsides in Iceland, and cobblestone streets in Germany. I received compliments on my shoes in over four countries. The slim design was extremely European and attracted positive attention. 

After many long days of walking, my feet felt slightly sore but surprisingly good for the stress they were under. To put the shoes to the ultimate test, I ran in them along and over high ridges of Iceland in search of geothermal vents. To my surprise, the hiking boot made a superb running shoe for high mountainous terrain and was resistant to the water and snow I encountered during my travels. 

After meeting wonderful people and spending time adventuring together, each one of them decided they needed a pair of the Tecnica Magma Mid S GTX boot. Whether your next experience entails backpacking, hiking, biking, running challenging terrain, or exploring the city streets, I can attest the Tecnica Magma Mid S GTX is built for adventure.

by Noelle Resignolo

Mountain Women Magazine |  A magazine for Women filled with a passion for living life in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and beyond. 

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