Mountain Women Magazine – Reminiscing The Inaugural 2015 Issue

Looking Back on the Inaugural Issue from 2015

We are reminiscing and powering back up for our 6th issue of Mountain Women Magazine. Sometimes you need to look back in order to move forward.

We started this magazine because Mountain Town Magazine, our first magazine title, discovered that the majority of the magazine’s content discussed men and their pursuits. Not that we don’t love men – our owner has a bunch that make up her family and household.

We felt one issue per year should be dedicated to women in our mountain town communities and became the catalyst for the ‘Women Who Rock the Rockies’ campaign. This Women-led promotion started today’s Mountain Women Magazine.

We love our cover produced by the talents of Alaska and Breckenridge local Memry Anne – Photo by Memry

If you would like to read this issue just click the link:

We are excited to continue chatting up mountain women enjoying life here in the Rocky Mountains and beyond!

xo -MWM

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Mountain Women Magazine |  A magazine for Women filled with a passion for living life in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and beyond. Keep reading here:

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