Mawa McQueen Launches GrainFreeNola

We knew Chef Mawa McQueen, founder of Mawa’s Kitchen in Aspen and the Crepe Shack in Snowmass Village, had started up something good when we discovered her GrainFreeNola. Her delicious launched a new organic snack brand is organic, paleo, vegan, and gluten-free, best of all it is delicious. She was voted a “Woman Who Rocks the Rockies” in 2017 and continues to make all of us Mountain Women proud!

Order Online and Stock Your Pantry

Here newly branded line is crafted with the finest ingredients that Mawa sources from local and global purveyors. Mawa makes everything by hand, including hand-mixing and hand-sealing each batch. She prioritizes freshness as well, making sure, for instance, that each delivery of nuts is no older than three months. 

Founder Mawa McQueen was born in Africa, raised in Paris, and lived many places worldwide including England, Spain, and now here in Colorado’s mountain towns. She brings her global background and passion for cooking to Mawa’s GrainFreeNola. Mawa, who is herself gluten-free, started MGFN so she could personally enjoy granola. Now, it has taken on a life of its own and transformed into a burgeoning business. “Each continent, culture, and tribe across the world tells a story and provides unique nutrients to energize and heal,” says Mawa. “Our granola brings together these ingredients. Every batch is sourced with intention and made with love.”

Gluten Free – Vegan – Keto – Paleo

There are five flavors to choose from: Berry Me, Green Machine, Health Nut, Out of Africa, and Tropical Paradise. The Health Nut variety, for instance, mixes organic pumpkin, flax, hemp, and chia seeds with raw, organic almonds, walnuts, and cashews—no added sugars, grains, or fillers of any kind. All ingredients are viewable online and each product is sold online as well, priced at $16.95 per 8 oz bag. 

We are thrilled that Mawa is taking her product into full scale production in Aspen and making it available to all who wish to keep their minds and body healthy!

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