ARTEMIS – Bold Sports Women Creating Fresh Tracks for Conservation

The Greek goddess Artemis is the protector of the hunt and of nature. She is usually depicted with her trusty doe deer, a bow and arrows. She knew it was her duty to protect wildlife and the sanctity of the hunt. Artemis Sportswomen, an initiative of the National Wildlife Federation, embodies her wild spirit and protective nature by boldly carrying the conservation torch for the modern sportswoman and engaging in every facet of the sporting conservation life. 

As sportswomen and conservationists, we do more than hunt and fish. We have an obligation to give as well as receive and to embody an inclusive culture. The complete sportswoman can skin a deer, land a burly brown trout, navigate the backcountry, and she knows her game commissioners and politicians, knows wildlife laws, defends all wildlife, advocates on their behalf, and teaches others these skills.

We are at a crossroads in the history of American conservation and must develop new leaders. Women are the fastest-growing segment in the sporting community in the United States. Women have economic power, authentic field experience, and fresh perspectives necessary to increase the richness and diversity of the conservation movement. Artemis engages sportswomen of all levels in accessible ways to provide a trusted source for women hunters and anglers, increase the recruitment and retention of women in the sporting community, breach the conservation learning gap, and change the face of conservation. Our voices strengthen the impact of all hunters and anglers on conservation by bringing sportswomen to the table in a way that has never been done before. We set examples of ethical hunting and angling. We break stereotypes that limit open dialogue and prevent the inclusion of new voices into the ranks of the sporting community. 

Artemis is a welcoming and encouraging place for women to wade into hunting, fishing, and conservation. It’s a community where immense individual growth can happen and where the hopes for the future vision of the conservation world can be modeled. As unique individuals and a powerful, supportive, passionate collective, the women of Artemis bring with their voices a new narrative of progress, inclusion, and passion.

We envision a time when all people return to the norm where outdoor experiences are daily activities that create lasting memories, traditions, and stewardship of our precious natural resources. Women are essential to this generational project. We support women currently holding wildlife and conservation leadership positions and work to encourage and foster women in leadership roles. We cannot expect the next generation to enjoy the privilege of our irreplaceable lands, waters and wildlife without our explicit engagement in all facets of the sporting conservation life. 

Artemis holds many events and gatherings that will keep you involved and educated on issues facing today’s outdoor spaces. Get involved and stay in touch by visiting their website:

by: Maria Brownlee

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