Flyrods for Women – SaraBella Fishing

After many years of fishing with men’s gear in a “sportmen’s” world, April Archer began to notice a problem – not just with the lack of products made for women but also for lack of respect given to women for their skills, passion and love of the sport. She turned frustration into opportunity when she began to see that with smart beautiful products and a better overall experience, she can change the way women fish.

SaraBella Rods

Sara and Bella are the names of our beloved dogs. They fish, they run, they play, they point, they love. We have said to our dogs, Sara & Bella, “get in the car”, Sara & Bella, “stay” and Sara & Bella “leave it”. When saying their names quickly, it sounds more like SaraBella….which reminded April of the cerebellum of the brain. When we started to think about the cognitive, sensory, pleasure, and motor aspects of fishing, we began to appreciate the relevance of the cerebellum.

When women fish, they think, they breathe, they laugh, they study, they relax, they persist, they laugh some more…..and yes, they catch a lot of fish. Women appreciate the privilege of fly- fishing in a wonderful way. Some women have records for the fish they have caught. Some women are guides. Some women own fly shops. Some women row boats. Some women tie flies. Some women organize fishing trips. Women love the peace and the thrill of fishing!

Women fish with women, significant-others, friends, men, children, parents, and grandparents. Some women fish alone. They fish creeks, streams, rivers, ponds, lakes, and oceans. These women fly-fishers are doctors, mothers, teachers, lawyers, aunts, engineers, sisters, professors, daughters, entrepreneurs, friends, colleagues, spouses, partners, and veterans. With their wisdom, their zest, their talent, and their love of life, they fish….and it is beautiful.

For our fly rods, this beauty includes exciting color choices, thread details, grip curves, natural wood on the reel seat, and gorgeous character. Each SaraBella Fishing fly rod is truly a beautiful work of art, made by us for you.

We believe that the aesthetic qualities of your SaraBella fly rod will enhance the connection to your fishing experience. When you fish with a rod that shows your favorite colors, a custom message, and your preferred dimensions, you will feel joy with each fish that you catch!

At SaraBella Fishing, we strive to provide the perfect blend
of elegance and beauty in design, with a fly rod that’s technically engineered to ensure your very best days on the water. We know time spent fly-fishing is both special and finite. We commit to doing our part to maximize your experience.

SaraBella works with the very best materials and craftspeople in the fly-fishing industry today to source and construct your fly rod. We believe it’s what goes into a SaraBella Fishing rod that makes it special. From the carbon fiber (heated graphite) of the rod, the cork, and all of the supporting hardware, we focus on ensuring that you get the performance that you want. Here’s what we put in so you can fish your story:

Rods designed for women:

Our carbon fiber rods are designed specific to the needs of women. SaraBella rods are built to be very lightweight, with a flex style built to avoid fatigue from casting all day long. Our carbon fiber is designed to be exceptionally strong, yet highly sensitive
so that you feel even the slightest strikes from a fish. They’re also painted in beautiful colors. And yes, we have tested these colors on the water!


~MTN Town Magazine

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