The Telluride Yoga Festival – A Unique Summertime Event

Founded in 2007, the Telluride Yoga Festival 2014 is an intimate yoga retreat held in the spiritual mountain setting of Telluride, Colorado. The former mining town lies in a box canyon, surrounded on all three sides by 14,000-foot peaks. This ideal setting includes an incredible line up of classes taught by world-renowned instructors in intimate venues in both Telluride and Mountain Village.  The Telluride Yoga Festival is now gearing up for a fantastic 7th annual festival and significantly reduced early-bird passes are on sale for just 1 more week (until June 1st) with the festival offering $100 off the 3-day Namaste Pass and the 4-day Guru Pass.

Telluride Yoga Festival1

The festival will take place July 10-13, 2014 in beautiful Telluride, Colorado and features more than 30 yoga instructors, including highly acclaimed presenters Noah Mazè, Beryl Bender Birch, Scott Blossom, Micheline Berry and Peter Sterios.  With over 85 classes to choose from, 11 venues in both Telluride and Mountain Village and new social and outdoor events added to the lineup, the Telluride Yoga Festival promises an expanded and truly unique experience for the hundreds of attendees who come to Telluride for this intimate and special event.

Telluride Yoga Festival2

Additional instructors teaching at this year’s festival include: Rebecca Butler, Allison English, Jason Magness & Yoga Slackers, Maduri Martin, Cat McCarthy, Shannon Paige, Pamela Quinn, Nancy Stechert, Karl Straub, Mark Whitwell among others. “I’m thrilled at the amazing depth and talent of this year’s lineup.  Each of these accomplished teachers bring such experience and diversity…there truly is something for everyone” says Erika Henschel, Festival Director.

Telluride Yoga Festival 3

The Telluride Yoga Festival is looking forward to blending the amazing surroundings of the Telluride area with venues in both Telluride and Mountain Village and options to explore the area and mingle off the mat with group hikes, climbing the Via Ferrata, interactive demonstrations, a wine & cheese gathering at Arroyo, a group dinner on Sunday night and the opportunity to just relax and take in all Telluride area offers.

Telluride Yoga Festival 4

In addition, there are a variety of free public events, from slack-line yoga to community classes at the Telluride Yoga Center. or to get your tickets now, they will go fast!

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