Down & Dirty with Merrell’s National Mud Run – I’m In!

I was recently invited to participate in the Merrell Down & Dirty National Mud Run & Obstacle Series Denver race. I had to give it a little thought. A mud event…. I have seen pics and heard some really fun stories. I am in pretty decent shape but I am not a runner, I am a biker so that was one mark against this event. I also have a weird thing about being wet with my clothes on, another mark. My curiosity kicked in. I checked the calendar. What is everyone doing this Sunday? My daughter is heading out of town with some friends to Estes Park. One of my sons is working and the other has a day of fun planned with his friends. The hubby is working support for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so that left me with a wide open day to do anything!

So here I am still hemming and hawing. I check out the race details Operation Gratitude is the beneficiary of the race. This admirable charity sends personalized care packages to military personnel overseas. Now I am really interested. I believe that our troops deserve our undying support for all they do. The tide has turned, I am thinking two thumbs up.

Lastly, I check out the video (click the pic above to watch). The racing series features 5K and 10K off-road courses filled with military-style obstacles, commanding cargo climbs, water crossings, and, you guessed it, tons of mud! Ok, I am sold! I am doing this thing!!!! I am on a mission these days to have some fun and watching everyone in the video getting dirty and laughing there heads off was the selling piece!

So I am in but now I am wondering, what do I wear? What do I bring? I ‘ll let you know soon!

~MTN Town MagazineĀ 

Photo Credits: Merrell

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