Step Away from the Office – It was a great day in Steamboat Springs, CO and I just had to step outside from my office and go for a bike ride! The sunny skies and slight breeze made for a wonderful day! As I mention in the video – I love going on the bike path and stopping off at the Boardwalk. A path along the nature trail where you can see lots of fish and birds. Often times in good weather, I will work from this very spot.

Steamboat Springs, like many communities has a Rotary Club. In fact, we have two Clubs, and both serve the Yampa Valley.

“The Rotary Club of Steamboat Springs is one of 32,500 Rotary clubs worldwide dedicated to community service, world peace and international understanding.. We do this through local student scholarships, financial contributions to worthwhile charities, international youth and business exchanges and hands-on community projects like Rotary Park and the new Rotary Boardwalk.”

I am so thankful their contributions. On day’s like today – it makes my life more pleasurable!

~Nancy Kenney, Green Girl Media

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