SUNSCREENS, THE FDA AND YOU – It’s a new week and it was a great weekend. Lots of sunshine and even a little pool time was how my family spent our April weekend.  The sun was strong but the air was cool and we had light layers on.

SUNSCREEN!  Ooops…and now we are not so happy.  This reminded me that it is time to buy and stock up on the all essential MUST have’s for Spring and Summer! Personally, I hate having to slather my kids with sunscreen. I can see them sweating, a glow and a shimmer taking over their bodies.  Like one big-clogged poor they head out the door with me having a big guilt trip. I know – 15 SPF is better than nothing, but I hate not knowing what is going into their skin.

Since all sunscreen is expensive in my opinion, I will look for the eco friendly option first.  I look for natural –organic and healthier options since I know that the skin is going to absorb this spray or lotion.

Now – I am not a Dr. or profess to be one or to know what I am talking about. However, I am a mom and I think that qualifies me as caring about what goes in and on my kids bodies!

So – The FDA is getting more involved with what SPF really means. We all know that protection is important. Take at look at their information and hear what they have to say.

So –You can make your own decisions. But at least look at the healthier options.  All natural ingredients (minerals, oils) and anything non-chemical related as much as possible is good.

Common Sense Tips:

Don’t get burned!

Wear protective clothing and sunglasses.

Plan your day around the sun if you have a flexible schedule.

Be smart and be wise.  Even though you put on SPF 30 – 50 does not mean you get to stay in the sun longer!

Pick a product that works with your own skin and allergies, such a gluten.

Got Vitamin D?  In some instance small doses of natural sun is good, but ask your DR. to test your level of Vitamin D if you have questions.

The natural products associations say to look for active ingredients zinc, titanium, avobenzone or Mexoryl SX. These substances protect skin from harmful UVA radiation and remain on the skin, with little if any penetrating into the body. Also, skip sunscreens with insect repellent – if you need bug spray, buy it separately and apply it first.

Get in the habit – make it a common activity  – just like putting on your seat belt and keep sunscreen in the car in a cool place. Be a good role model! Since April is Earth Month – take the step to find out more about your options!


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