FRESH BEDDING MADE WITH ALPACA AND ORGANIC COTTON – SPRING CLEAN – The sleep industry provides a wealth of information on research associated with medical problems and the mattress you sleep on and the pillows you rest your head on. From dust mites and other allergy causing bugs and molds to the position you sleep in, all have an impact on your health. The bedding industry has come a very long way in it’s efforts to provide you with  products that are healthy.

Since before green was green and eco friendly actually ment something, companies like NauraWorld have put the healthy bedding  industry on the map.  Since 1994, NaturaWorld’s mission has been committed to helping their customers “achieve a superior night’s sleep, alleviate pain, and increase comfort through unique and exceptional sleep systems that aid overall health and well-being.



Most notable for their mattresses and mattress pads, NaturaWorld uses soy in their foam products to cut back on the use of petroleum, they use shredded  latex in their pillow cores, and every product has a all natural and organic component.

More recent today, in 2010, another company came on the scene – Malpaca – a 100% natural pillow made with Alpaca. Alpaca fiber has a medullated core, which can be fully or partially hollow, deterring dust mites, which are the leading causes of asthma and allergies in the bedroom. Alapca is a natural fire retardant, and as a natural porus fiber it creates insulative value for a constant balance of temperature.


Malpaca Founder, Mary Anderle spoke to Nourish The Planet about the benefits of Alpaca in the bedding industry. No chemicals are used to clean the fibers, only a mild detergent which is fragrant free and earth friendly. The water used in the manufacturing process is recycled four times in a contained environment then released back.

Certified Organic means the contents have been grown in an environment, harvested, processed, and manufactured without chemicals, with a lower carbon footprint than traditional manufacturing and processing.

As Spring is in the air, take a look at these companies as alternatives. All natural fibers and 100% organic pays in the end. It can help lower health issues associated with over exposure to chemicals. That alone should give you a good night sleep.


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